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Happy New Year! It will take a few days to get used to writing and saying 2019, but here we are almost 20 years into the century. Most of us reading this were born in the 1900’s. I believe those of us born in the 1900’s were privileged to live in the best time of world history.

The inventions of air conditioning, motorized ground travel, air travel, shock absorbers, rubber tires, numerous vaccines for terrible diseases, electronics and thousands of other advances have made the time we have lived in easier and interesting. Many times I have traveled down the highways and hills of Oklahoma and through the mountains of Colorado gazing off into the countryside, wondering just how difficult it must have been to negotiate the terrain in a covered wagon or on horseback.

But here we are, with all of our bells and whistles. If I want to know anything about any subject in the world, I just click a button on my wireless mouse and magically it appears on the screen in front of me. I don’t need to know everything because I can access everything at the click of a button.

All this progress effects the church as well. So, the future of the church is as at a crossroads. The way we have been communicating the word of God over the past 100 years is coming to an end. The message shouldn’t change, but our methods must change.

I relate it to how things must have been for the folks living in the mid 1400’s when old Johnny (Johannes Gutenberg) started printing books and bibles to the masses. Never before could the words on a page be spread with such effectiveness. Think of how incredible it must have been. Millions of books and thousands of libraries came into existence because of the printing press. Life was changed forever.

The invention of the internet and the computer age has changed the world once again. If someone wants to go to church today all they have to do is Google their favorite preacher, living or dead, and they there he is. You don’t have to get dressed in your Sunday clothes, do your hair or shave. All you have to do is watch in the comfort of your own home.

You don’t have to put up with those angry church members always complaining and half of them trying to get rid of the preacher. You can give electronically to whatever cause or missionary you want. So, what’s next? I’m not sure any of us know.

  1. sure we are losing church members. Some faithful members are simply dying off and there are very few committed, faithful members to replace them. Others get their feelings hurt because we live in a society where being offended over anything that doesn’t go your way is the new norm. whatever reason (and there are many) our churches are losing people much faster than we are replacing them.

So, I believe, what we are experiencing is humanly irreversible. No manner of music, worldly productions, smooth and incredibly cool preachers will be able to change the trend and direction we are headed. Technology has placed the church, as we know it, in a position of ineffectiveness.

So, should we just give up and throw in the towel? Are we to die a slow and painful death? No! Instead, we need to give up on the worldly traditions and methods. I believe God puts all of us into impossible situations in order to show His glory.

Notice a few sentences ago I said “what we are experiencing is humanly irreversible. I mean God has allowed the world to advance at such a rate as to pass our old traditions and standards by. Most of our churches, especially the small rural churches, have struggled over the last 3 decades to bring their facilities and their operations into the new century.

  1. still have pastors serving in churches who do not have email. ’m not condemning that, I am simply saying the old way of doing things will probably keep most of your older Christians coming to church. But as they die there are no new members to replace them. believe we are past the point of programs and methods to fix our problems.

What I believe is God has us right where He wants us. We have no human methods or possibilities to fix what ails us so if it’s going to get fixed God will have to be the fixer. Now, isn’t that just exactly what God would want Wouldn’t He want to be the one who revives the church and gives it meaning in the society we live in?

Our answer is prayer and humility. We need to go to God together. We need to admit we are totally at a loss to save ourselves and if the church in America is going to be saved it will have to be God who saves it.

That is what we do when we come to Him for personal salvation and that is what it will take for us to live to see a vital and exciting church on fire for the Lord. Our churches don’t need more programs they need more prayer. We must call out to God and stop trying to figure out what we can do differently in the way of music, preaching or programs.

When God’s people call out to Him, He hears and works His mighty works.

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