June 2016   
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  • Heading to India, Bro. Wes Bates, Bro. Monty Thompson, & Bro. Neil
  • Neil made new friend while eating at McDonalds in India!
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  • Inside the Hindu temple
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  • The beautiful people of India
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  • A worship service in India...
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  • Arkoma Kicks off the 2016 Carry the Crosses Across the County!
  • 2016 Panama FBC join in on carrying the cross.
  • Mexico Missions help support this Pastor, Ruben Sanchez, here he is ministering to people outside a local hospital.
  • While people wait to be seen in these facilities, they serve food, water, coffee, and share the gospel as opportunity is given.
  • Watch for upcoming Mexico Mission trips...
  • Consider supporting the Mexico mission team by going yourself, & by prayer



by Brother Neil O'Donnell

We are in our 6th year with you and I hope you have learned by now that my only interest in serving as your Director of Missions is to further God’s kingdom.  If I have an agenda it is simply an agenda to spread the Gospel of Jesus in as many places as possible.  I would do anything to help a church or a church member to bring the message of Christ to a lost and dying world.

This is the month that we prepare for our annual mission trip to India.  We leave on June 6th, and return on June 18th.   We are needing more people to go with us.  This year we will be distributing Bibles, working with the children at the Thomas Memorial Home for the Needy, distributing personal and family water filters, giving food and clothing to widows and HIV patients, teaching pastors, dedicating a new church that has been built, and preaching the gospel every night in a different village or city. 

Not everyone that goes with us has to be a preacher or teacher.  We do need at least one more who can help us teach, but we also need workers who can help us distribute the Bibles and assemble the water filters on site.  We need workers who want to work with the children and distribute the food and clothing.  If you have a passport we still have time to get you a visa so you can make the trip with us.  If you are interested please call me at 918-647-8271 and I will give you all of the details.

Now I am going to get up on my soap box for a minute.  Around this time last year Facebook was full of people having a great time taking what was called the water challenge.  Everyone was pouring water over their heads in very creative ways in order to bring awareness to a particular disease and to raise funds to help fight the disease.  The idea was to pour water over your head and donate $10 or $20 to the fund raiser and then challenge someone else to do the same. 

There were thousands of people all over the county pouring water over their heads.  I wonder though just how many of them followed through with the $10 or $20 gift to the foundation.  The awareness was there, but I don’t know how many followed through with the case.

It’s interesting here in America just how many people would take a bucket of water and pour it over their heads to bring awareness to a cause without really thinking about what people in 3rd world countries would do in order to get just one cup of fresh water every day.  

Some of you reading this probably already have your feelings hurt by me because you poured water over your head and how dare I say anything to make you feel bad.  I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad.  I can’t cast a stone at anyone about their lives because I have enough in my own life to take care of.  It is not about blame, but it is about awareness.

A couple of weeks ago I began a water challenge on Facebook of my own.  Instead of pouring water out for a cause I suggested we give $10 or $20 to our Touch India International mission group to purchase fresh water filters so we can take them with us and bless a family with fresh water while telling them about the living water that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I figured since I have more than 450 friends, and my friends have hundreds of friends.  We could get this message out and we could have a lot of funds to purchase water filters for our trip.  I mean some people gave blindly to a cause that they don’t even know for sure how the money is spent.  We account for every dollar so people know exactly that every dollar they donate goes to buy water filters and nothing else.

Well we are 2 weeks in to the challenge and I want to personally thank the 3 people who have donated to our cause.  That’s right, 3 people have felt God’s tug on their heart to help someone outside of the area of dominate influence and stepped up to take part. 

I know some of you are already giving money to worthy causes and that is great.  You are to be commended and I am not asking you to change what you are giving to.   There are other mission trips and worthy causes out there doing great work so don’t think I would have you change from where God is working in your life.  But, there are many that take no action at all.

I believe many read the news stories and see the bad things happening in our nation and shake their heads sadly in wonder asking why is our country in the shape that it’s in.  Maybe it’s because many people see the fun in pouring water over their heads, but don’t see the need in sharing a few dollars to see that people have fresh water to drink.  I’m just sayin’.

If you aren’t too hacked off at me for writing this and you would like to step up and help us take fresh water filters to India next month then here is how you can help.  You can go to www.lefloreassociation.org and click on the right side of the page on the donation button to get to the page where you can donate to the ‘Family Water Filters for India Mission’.  We are purchasing personal water filters to give individuals fresh water for 1 year and we are purchasing Family waters filter to give a family of 4 fresh water for 5 years. 

Or if you would rather pay by check you can send your donation to Le Flore Baptist Association, 106 Flanagan, Suite A, Poteau, OK 74953.  Either way please help us if you can.   





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