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Women's Spring Bible Study
9:30 AM to 12:00 PM
@ LBA "Beloved Disciple"
Celebrate Recovery Group
6:00 PM
Tuesdays @ Cross Community Church


Poteau, OK

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  • Mission volunteers at work in Mexico
  • Mexico Mission trip volunteers work on church building.
  • LBA on mission in Mexico-Join us next year!
  • India 2014 Mission Trip...Pastor Wes Bates, Bokoshe FBC & Pastor William Bray, Albion with the children!
  • Bro. William Bray up close with the curious children of India.
  • Sister Josna & Tara from Talihina FBC working with the children
  • "They are precious in HIS sight"!
  • More of the mission team being introduced to the children.
  • Bibles presented by our team members
  • Stacey & Kimberly get to share new Bibles too!
  • A new friend made in India, Pastor William Bray, Albion - 2014
  • Brother Neil with pastor.
  • Pastors in prayer
  • Team in group photo with pastors.
  • Marty & Tara Potts & Kimberly on mission....2014
  • Time to relax & eat with team.


by Brother Neil O'Donnell


  Our New Mission Tool

Each year when we go into foreign areas to spread the Gospel we have mission tools at our disposal to help us show the love of Christ to the people in towns and villages.  Some of our missions are medical in nature and we offer medical care, eye care and dental services.  In India for the last several years we have used traditional dresses called “Saris” to give to widows and other women of the lower caste system in order to have an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with them.

In the last several months we have discovered another tool to help us share God’s love.  This tool is called the LIFE STRAW.  Where we have been going into villages and helping a segment of the population in their time of need, we now have an opportunity to go into a village and help everyone we come in contact with.

The LIFE STRAW is a personal water filtering system that will last, under normal usage, for one year.  Each LIFE STRAW will filter approximately 266 liters of water which is the average amount of water used by an individual during the span of a year.  You can literally put the LIFE STRAW in a puddle of muddy water and drink the water through the straw with the assurance that 99% of the bad bacteria is being filtered away.

With the government of India opening its arms to those of us who are helping these villages with personal hygiene training and other social needs, this product is a perfect fit for us.  We are starting now to raise funds to purchase as many LIFE STRAWS as possible.  Each straw will cost us $10.00 and we have already received a $1,000.00 gift from 1 individual in the association to start our order.

We are asking our churches to begin taking action now to help us with this project.  Through special offerings, youth projects and Sunday promotions you can help us make a difference in the lives of people in a very thirsty land.  We can present them with a device for pure water and also share with them about the living water of Jesus.  You can go on-line to our website and donate through the LIFE STRAW category on the donation page or send your gift to LeFlore Baptist Association, 106 Flanagan, Suite A, Poteau, Ok 74953



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