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By The time you read this our Le Flore Baptist Association mission team will be winding down our Nicaragua mission trip.  We left on May 26th, and are returning on June 3rd.  Continue to pray for us as we return that we will be kept safe and that our health we be good.

I want to visit with you about a subject we have been discussing at our Monday morning pastor’s conference over the last few weeks.  Your association has a tremendous group of pastors that are genuinely burdened for lost souls in our area.  During our conversations many of those pastors participated in an open discussion about revival.

Let me give you some highlights of our discussion.

  • Our churches talk about a desire for a spiritual awakening in our area of influence.
  • Everyone agrees that we want to see lost souls saved.
  • God uses His people to spread the Gospel and therefore the only way to have spiritual awakening in our area is for God’s people to have revival in their hearts.
  • God is absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, ready to bring revival in His church.
  • Revival in the church starts in the heart of each individual and spreads from there.
  • Revival can never come to the individual who has unconfessed sin in their lives.
  • Each individual has to search their heart to find out what sin is standing between them and God thus quenching the revival that God wants to bring.
  • One of the greatest sins in our churches today is the sin of un-forgiveness.
  • Un-forgiveness leads to bitterness and anger.
  • Bitterness and anger toward someone, possibly even someone in our past, hinders us from a revived relationship with God.
  • Any revival must begin with our willingness to forgive those who have harmed or hurt us.
  • No pastor, deacon or church member can bring revival; only God through the Holy Spirit can bring revival.
  • Prayer is the way we confess our sin and form a relationship with God.
  • Therefore confessing our sin with a contrite heart through prayer and repentance is the first step toward any revival.

These are just a few of the bullet points we discussed over the last few weeks.  We had a morning of prayer, praise and preaching at our last meeting before the summer.  The pastors who participated took this opportunity to present themselves prayerfully before the Lord.  It was encouraging to see these men of God humble themselves before the Lord. 

Revival must start with the leadership and there was a good start made toward personal revival at this meeting.  But revival can never come unless the individual church member follows the same example.

What is standing between you and God that is hindering your heart from personal revival?  Is it un-forgiveness, is it pride, is it laziness?  Whatever it might be I want you take this next statement to heart.  Each of us must begin to take the responsibility upon ourselves for why revival does not come to the river valley area.  The fire can never spread to others if you, and I, are not on fire ourselves and we can never catch fire with sin in our lives. 



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