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The end of our associational debt that is.  It has been a long haul, but your Executive Committee agreed that we should have a final push to get rid of the debt once the balance got in to the 150’s.  And so, here we are. 

The debt initially was $470,000.00.  After 10 years of payments it had been reduced to $429,000.00.  So, in that first 10 years the principle balance had been reduced by 41,000.00, but there was over $200,000.00 paid in interest.  At that rate it was going to take another 20+ years to pay the loan off and another $150,000.00 would have to be paid in interest.  That’s if the interest on the adjustable rate loan stayed the same and didn’t go up. 

That brings us to the year 2014.  That was when the association aggressively began to pay down the debt.  You might remember the slogan “Freedom 14”.  Though we weren’t able to completely pay off the debt from “Freedom 14”, it was successful in lowering it to a place where we can now see the end in sight. 

From 2014, to 2017, the association was able to pay $272,000.00 toward the principle balance while paying approximately $29,000.00 in interest.  Plus the 20 years left on the loan have been reduced to less than 10 years.  Those are great figures!  God has truly blessed and those of you who participated in “Freedom 14” have been the tools God has used to see this great success take place.

That brings us to the present.  The loan balance at the end of February was $157,704.00.  So we are ready to work to the glory of God to pay off the associational debt once and for all. 

You might remember that we voted in 2014, to never borrow money again unless it was approved by a 90 percent vote at the church level of all of our churches.  So once we have completed this victory we will be able to put all of our associational funds towards kingdom projects for many years to come.

We will be able to fund more mission work, more pastor scholarships for continued biblical education, and more associational evangelistic events.  Truly the list of things we can do once the debt is gone is tremendous. 

42 churches have taken part in removing the debt thus far.  If we break down our debt removal between the 42 churches that have already participated in the plan it is approximately $3,600.00 per church.  That could be $3,600.00 in a lump sum, or $3,600.00 over the next 12 months or whatever help you can afford to give.  There are churches who can afford more and churches who need to participate at a smaller level.

Let’s work together now to put the associational debt in the rearview mirror.  You own a wonderful facility with over 7,000 square feet of office space and every office in the building is being used to furtherance of God’s kingdom.   There is a pregnancy center, an office for the Baptist Homes for Children, an office for Christian Counseling, and a video studio for churches to use any time they want to use it.  Those are specific ministries while other ministries like Disaster Relief, the associational Block Part Trailer, and the Thumb Buster tools and trailer are all housed and headquartered in the building.

You should be proud of what God has done to accommodate the many ministries of the Le Flore Baptist Association.  If we are united we can get this done.  Pray about how you, as an individual or how your church, can participate in this final push to become debt free.

Glory to God for His Mercy and Grace

Brother Neil






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