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What is Your View of God?

You have probably heard a wide variety of stories about church members having problems among themselves or with their pastors.  You might even be in a church or have been in a church where problems have risen.  It could be over whether to have church pews or chairs, it could be over whether to have traditional music or contemporary, it could be over who is in charge of the kitchen and another good one is when a group of people get together and decide the pastor isn’t feeding them from the word the way they think he should.  We could be timid and not talk about these things or we could get these things out in the open and understand what causes people in churches to argue and bicker over things that deter from staying on mission to reach souls for Christ.
Think about it for a minute.  You ever see a church that is arguing amongst themselves and at the same time are reaching out to the lost to see souls saved?  It’s difficult to think outwardly about a lost and dying world when you are consumed inwardly with worldly issues.   
Well, the answer to what causes seemingly good people to lose their focus on kingdom work and start acting like the unsaved world around them is whether they have a high or a low view of God.  Let me give you some examples:
If you have a low view of God it will cause you to have a high view of self.  Here is what I mean by a high view of self.  Someone says, “I just can’t worship listening to that kind of music”.  What you are saying is that somehow the worship is about you.  The object of the worship is supposed to be God, not you.  Here is a question for you, if there was no music at all, if the only thing you had was the Bible and a preacher, could you not worship?  Would it be so horrible that you could not praise him without the beat of the music?  If the preacher didn’t dress just right or look just right, or sound just right, would it hinder your worship?  If the preacher simply read Scripture from the Bible and then sat down could you not worship?  A high view of self creates the need for things to be what I want in order of me to be able to worship God.  If it’s about what you need to worship you have created a view of God that is lower than yourself.
When people argue about what to sit on, or who is running the kitchen, or any number of other very childish things it is because they view themselves higher than they should.  Where is the servant attitude that puts others before you?  Is it Godly to stomp off in a temper tantrum because things don’t go your way?  No, it proves my point.  When things don’t go your way you have put yourself and your feelings at the forefront instead of God.  It’s all about you.  Get the drift?  A high view of self produces a low view of God.
On the other hand, a high view of God automatically produces a low view of self.  When you see God for the remarkable wonder of who He is it will make you see yourself in a different light.  His transcendence, His holiness, His self existence, His eternalness, His unchanging character, His mercy, His grace, His wrath, His judgment, His love, His omniscience, His omnipresence, His omnipotence, God is supreme in all things.  When you come to the conclusion of the magnificence of God it well lead you to the proper view of yourself.
So, I am relating everything happening in our churches of a negative fashion to a low view of God by His people.  You spend a little time thinking about it this week.  Think about any problem you can find happening in your church and you will be able to trace its roots back to someone having an improper view of who God is.  Because if you have the correct view of God and the Godhead, you will see how God grieves over our bickering and arguing.  With the correct view of God and the Godhead you will not want to grieve Him.  You will see yourself for who you are and see Him in His total glory and you will want to glorify Him in all that you do.    


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