September 2016  
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Celebrate Recovery Group
6:00 PM
Tuesdays @ Cross Community Church


"Set Free" Support Group Prayer Ministry
6:30 PM
LBA Conference Rm. New Meeting night.
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Theology Of Work
  • Jesus' method for conflict resolution is a precursor to what is now recognized as best practice in the workplace.
    September 26, 2016, 10:14 AM
  • How would we steward technology differently if we thought it might actually have an impact on the kingdom of God?ā€¦
    September 23, 2016, 2:27 AM
  • @paulwilsonjr Thanks for the RT!
    September 21, 2016, 8:33 AM
  • Heading to India, Bro. Wes Bates, Bro. Monty Thompson, & Bro. Neil
  • Neil made new friend while eating at McDonalds in India!
  • Pastor Monty Thompson in teaching session with area pastors.
  • Meeting the people of India while 'out & about'!
  • Bro. Monty enjoying the children of India
  • Christianity is represented by a small percent in India. A Hindu temple ...
  • Inside the Hindu temple
  • A view of a Hindu temple
  • The beautiful people of India
  • Bro. Wes with a 'mission moment' picture.
  • A worship service in India...
  • Friends & partners in ministry!
  • A great honor bestowed on the mission team....
  • Arkoma Kicks off the 2016 Carry the Crosses Across the County!
  • 2016 Panama FBC join in on carrying the cross.
  • Mexico Missions help support this Pastor, Ruben Sanchez, here he is ministering to people outside a local hospital.
  • While people wait to be seen in these facilities, they serve food, water, coffee, and share the gospel as opportunity is given.
  • Watch for upcoming Mexico Mission trips...
  • Consider supporting the Mexico mission team by going yourself, & by prayer



by Brother Neil O'Donnell


What a busy summer we have had already and we have another 6 weeks before school gets back in to full swing.  I have been hearing great things from our children’s and youth camps so far with lots of salvations and other decisions for the kingdom. 

We are just back from our India mission trip and there were great results for the Lord while we were there.  We were able to help hundreds of people with water filters, and we trained around 100 pastors in how to develop a good discipleship program for their villages. 

The pastors in Karnataka, India are so happy to get the training and this year we were able to visit some areas where we have never been before to train pastors who have never received any formal training.  God is good, all the time.

The three pictures at the top tell a lot about our trip.  The first is a close up picture of the Nano filter we are giving to families to give them fresh water.  The second is a picture of me standing with Muslim women after we have passed out the filters and Brother Wes Bates and I both had an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ telling them about the living water that comes from a relationship with the Savior.  And the third is a picture of some of the women who received filters for their families.

These women, along with the many Hindu women listened intently to the Gospel message.  The seeds for harvest have been planted and now our pastor on the ground there can continue to work the field for God’s results.

There are billions of lost people around the world, but we have millions of lost people right here in our own back yard to reach as well.  I have people ask me all the time why we go so far to spread the Gospel when we have people right here at home that need to hear the word.  The answer is simple really.  It’s because that is what Jesus commanded us to do.  We are to go to the uttermost parts and to our backyard too. 

The unfortunate part is that most people who question why we go over there should be the ones who are taking up the slack over here.  Those who diligently work in God’s harvest here are usually glad to see us go around the world to win souls.  They realize it is an all or nothing thing not something you can pick and choose to do.




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